Can I repair, modify or build you a new PC or Mac computer?  YES

Can I setup your TV, Stereo, phone and tablet to work together?  YES

30 years of computer experience and 40 years of electronic schooling with hands on practice allows me to make your life easier!

I can speak your language and save the technical talk for fellow nerds.

I come to you at your home or office and work on your equipment in front of you. Most recently I've begun to do remote access (via the internet) repairs for my many clients who have moved out of state including Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Georgia and Ohio.

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310-780-2050 Mobile

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Gregory Dean

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Who are my clients? 

Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Accountants, Stock Brokers, Regular People and Movie Stars (see below)

          Julie Newmar              Ben Stein               Peter Jason             Carlease Burke 

   (the original Catwoman)          (Ferris Bueller)           (Deadwood on HBO)   (Shameless on Showtime)